June 25, 2021

Extended Information on Vandalism against Busts of Jose Marti in Havana

According to the information, the criminals were financed from Miami, United States

vandalic acts against jose marti in havana
vandalic acts against jose marti in havana
The video broadcasted by national television gives concrete evidences of the facts. (Photo captured from the television).

Cuban media and social network users are rejecting the vandalism against busts of Jose Marti, perpetrated in early January, after Cuban TV gave information revealing the actions of the authors of these acts.

While the country was celebarting the new year and the triumph of the Revolution, Panter Rodriguez Baro and Yoel Prieto Tamayo
denigrated 11 Marti’s busts and three political banners with pig’s blood, in a tour around schools, institutions and public places in different areas of Havana, Granma newspaper reported.

The video report presents audiovisual evidence, the results of experts’ work and the confessions of the authors the events, who also admitted to consuming drugs and having participated in similar actions in exchange of money in the past.

According to the information, the criminals were financed from Miami, United States, by the counterrevolutionary Ana Olema Hernandez Matamoros, who sent 1.000 dollars in remittances through Western Union, 600 of which were in payment for the affront to Marti.

Olema Hernandez is linked to other counter-revolutionaries based in Miami, who have pushed through the media a supposed dissident organization, aiming to create the image of the existence of an “opposition” to the Cuban government acting underground, thus the name Clandestinos, whose purpose was to foster an insecure environment in the country, Juventud Rebelde newspaper stated.

On social media, citizens have expressed their rejection of these actions, which is added to the successive acts of reparation to the figure of the Cuban National Hero that have been carried out for several days throughout the country.

Texto de Cuban News Agency

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