June 18, 2021

Cuban Opera Artists Well Received at The Kennedy Center

The Broadway World site praised the combination of recitals in Spanish, arias in Italian and the English translation of what was happening on the stage

clemency-titus-performed by cuban artists
clemency-titus-performed by cuban artists
Cuban artists shsre performance with actors from Salzburg (Mozart’s Austrian birthplace). (Photo taken from www.kennedy-center.org).

A show performed by Cuban dancers, actors and musicians of the Wolfgang Amadeus’s opera The Mercy of Tito at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., was highly praised by specialized media.

According to a press release, both the reviews and criticism received by the show, confirmed to its protagonists the positive reception of the performance, premiered at the opening of the Mozart-Havana Festival last October and presented on February 13, 14 and 15 at the Eisenhower Theatre of that colossal American cultural center.

The Broadway World site said that the performance was an “interesting trilingual experience” due to the combination of recitals in Spanish, Italian arias and an English translation of what was happening on the stage, while praising the performance of the Caribbean soloists.

For its part, the Washington Classical Review highlighted the performance directed by National Theatre Prize winner Carlos Diaz and the scenery by Raul Valdes (Raupa), and presented a more focused view of the musical aspects of the play, emphasizing the performance of clarinetist Jose Ernesto Rodriguez Delgado.

(Source: ACN).

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