June 18, 2021

Cuba Renews Sport Cooperation Agreement with Belice

Cuba has been providing sport assistance to Belice since 2004

cuba and belice renews sport cooperation agreement
cuba and belice renews sport cooperation agreement
The top executives of the olympic committees of Cuba and Belize held talks and signed the cooperation agreement. (Photo taken from http://www.jit.cu).

A collaboration agreement was signed in Havana by the heads of the Olympic committees of Belize and Cuba, Hilberto Martinez and Roberto Leon Richards, respectively.

“The Belizean sport advances with the support of Cuban coaches,” the visitor told ACN at the headquarters of the Cuban Olympic Committee (COC).

“We will have around 40 Cuban specialists with the eight that I am requesting now, in athletics, cycling, volleyball and table tennis, mainly,” the executive said.

He thanked Cuba for the sports assistance provided to his country since 2004, while praising the work of Jose Pelaez and Alberto Juantorena, holders of the Cuban Cycling and Athletics Federations, in that order.

“Since Cuban coaches work with us, we have won medals in Central American Games in athletics and women’s volleyball,” Martinez stated.

“It is the first Olympic Committee with which we renew contract this year and we plan to extend it to others in the area,” Leon Richards noted.

“We aim to strengthen the bonds of friendship with the countries of the region,” the head of the COC added.

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