Cuba Reiterates Falsity of Acoustic Attacks against US Diplomats

Cuba again rejected allegations on acoustic attacks against US diplomats in Havana due to the lack of evidence on the issue

A recent study made by the US National Academy of Sciences confirmed the absence of any alleged aggression evidence.

The Cuban Minister of Foreign Relations, Bruno Rodríguez, reiterated on Thursday the falsity of the accusations about alleged acoustic attacks made against US diplomats in Havana.

On Twitter, Rodriguez referred to a recent study by that northern nation’s National Academy of Sciences that confirmed the absence of any alleged aggression evidence.

The maneuver served as a pretext for Donald Trump’s administration to withdraw part of its diplomatic staff from the Cuban capital and damage relations between the two countries resumed in 2015 after a 54-year break.

The report published on the alleged attacks against US diplomats vindicates Cuba’s claim on the need to cooperate to clarify the facts and confirm the absence of any evidence that an attack had taken place, Rodríguez stated in his message.

In another tweet, he pointed out that ‘those who oppose a respectful relationship between Cuba and the United States opportunistically manipulated the fact to attack Cuba and bilateral relations.’

Since the first notification of those alleged events in August 2017, Cuba developed an investigation on the case. It expressed to US authorities the willingness to cooperate with the inquiry to determine the possible causes of the incident.

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