June 13, 2021

Cuba Present in COVID-19 International Webinar Summoned by China

The meeting was focused on global collaboration to fight the novel coronavirus as well as the post-pandemic scenario

cuba ambassador to china
cuba ambassador to china
Carlos Miguel Pereira, Cuban ambassador to Beijing. (Photo taken from @EmbajadaCubaEnChina / Facebook).

A Cuban delegation led by Carlos Miguel Pereira, ambassador of the Caribbean island in Beijing, attended last Monday the international seminar “2020 Belt and Road Collaboration and Future International Webminar”, organized by the China World Peace Foundation.

With the presence of representatives from some 18 countries, the main theme of the meeting was focused on global collaboration in the context of the fight against the novel coronavirus, as well as the post-pandemic scenario, once finished the stage of boom of the illness.

According to Pereira, the fruitful exchange served to expose Cuban management in the fight against the pandemic, “ratify our position of solidarity and highlight the work of our medical brigades abroad, all this, despite the enormous restrictions imposed on us by the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States”.

He emphasized the need to “implement a foreign policy of solidarity, share what we have, support each other and learn from successful experiences instead of imposing hegemonic and hypocritical practices as some countries intend”.

The Caribbean island is currently putting its solidarity policy into practice once again, as more than 20 brigades of Cuban health professionals serve in various countries in Africa, America and Europe in the fight against COVID-19, which has already registered 4.597,894 confirmed cases worldwide.

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