June 15, 2021

Cuba Identifies First Imported Cases of Coronavirus in Trinidad

This is an official information note from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health

coronavirus virus
coronavirus virus
COVID-19 has been already declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cuba reported this Wednesday the presence of the new coronavirus COVID-19 in three Italian tourists who arrived in the capital on a pleasure trip last Monday, and who were staying in the city of Trinidad.

The following is an official information note from the Ministry of Public Health

Our country has been preparing to face the pandemic caused by the appearance of the new coronavirus, which affects more than 100 countries at present and has caused a considerable number of sick and dead people.

As a result of the implementation of the National Plan for the Prevention and Control of this disease, and intensive surveillance of respiratory syndromes, suspicious cases have been identified and admitted.

Yesterday, March 10, 2020, four Italian tourists with respiratory symptoms were identified as having been staying at a hostel in the city of Trinidad in the province of Sancti Spíritus. They had arrived at Havana’s “José Martí” international airport on Monday, March 9, and were transferred to Trinidad that same day. They were immediately admitted to the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK).

Today, March 11, 2020, the IPK’s National Reference Lab reports that three of the four tourists isolated since yesterday tested positive for the new SARS CoV-2 Coronavirus.

Surveillance and epidemiological control actions are being carried out on the people identified as contacts, who remain asymptomatic.

The evolution of the 3 confirmed patients is favorable and none of them is in danger of death.

Texto de Cuban News Agency


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