June 18, 2021

Almost 90% of Cuba’s COVID-19 Patients Had Contact with Confirmed Cases

Eight new cases were reported yesterday: six in Havana and two in Matanzas

sancti spiritus
sancti spiritus
At the moment there are no COVID-19 patients kept in hospitals in Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: Vicente Brito).

Cuba reports 8 new positive cases for COVID-19, for a total of 1,908 cases for SARS Cov 2 and regrets the death of one patient, Dr. Francisco Duran, National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym) told the press on his daily report.

By the close of May 20, 689 patients remain in hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance. 1,697 people are being monitored in their homes by the Primary Health Care.

The 8 new confirmed cases were Cubans. Of these, seven (87.5%) were contacts of confirmed cases and in one the source of infection is not specified (12.5%).

Among the eight diagnosed cases, four are women, four men and 3 were asymptomatic. Four persons were in the 40-59 year-old age group (50.0%) and 2 in the 20-39 year-old age group (25.0%).

Of the 1,908 patients diagnosed with the disease, 223 remained confirmed, 218 (97.7%) presented stable clinical evolution, and 1,603 patients recovered (84.0%). One patient is in critical condition and four are severely ill.

Texto de Cuban News Agency

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