June 18, 2021

US People Demonstrate on July 4th Commemoration in Washington

Donald Trump hosted the Independence Day show with a display of military tanks and fighter jets roaring over Washington

us 4th of july
us 4th of july
Demonstrators hold signs in front of a “Baby Trump” balloon during Independence Day celebrations. (Photo: Carlos Barria / REUTERS).

Protesters in Washington, DC clashed with supporters of President Donald Trump outside the White House on Thursday, a few moments before the U.S. president got on stage for his “Salute to America.”

The July Fourth celebrations in the U.S. capital wasn’t short on controversy for the central role that U.S. military equipment and weapons played and the multi-million dollar cost for taxpayers.  Trump swept away any criticism of the event and said the military was “thrilled” to be part of it.   But many criticized the activity, not only for its price tag but for its praise of militarism; some calling the huge event the praise of fascism in the United States.

Donald Trump hosted the Independence Day show —called the “Salute to America”—  featuring a speech from the Lincoln Memorial, a display of military tanks and fighter jets roaring over Washington.  Thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in the center of Washington, DC for concerts, fireworks and the address by Trump.

Many op-ed articles in newspapers and media strongly condemned Trump’s decision to give a public speech and hold a military parade on the Fourth of July holidays, saying it has divided the country.

Supporters of the U.S. president said he was expressing love for the country and the military. However, Trump’s critics accused him of hijacking and politicizing a traditionally non-partisan holiday and using taxpayers’ money to stage it.

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