June 18, 2021

Trinidad de Cuba: More Hotels by the Caribbean Sea

Two new hotels are being built in the Ancon Peninsula which will foster tourist attractions in the area

new hotels being built in trinidad
new hotels being built in trinidad
In the construction of the Meliá Trinidad hotel, more than a hundred builders
are currently working. (Photo: José A. Rodríguez / Escambray).

The town of Trinidad, founded 505 years ago in the central Cuban territory of Sancti Spiritus, has managed to preserve its ancient look while assimilating modernity.

About 12 kilometers south of the village and on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, the Ancón peninsula becomes a great emporium for hotel development along one of the best beaches on the southern coast of the island.

In this site, large investments have been planned that began with the construction of two hotels, the Meliá Trinidad and the Iberostar Ancón, the latter scheduled to start in the second half of this year.

Reiner Rendón Fernández, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in Sancti Spíritus explained to Escambray that the Meliá Trinidad hotel will operate under a four stars plus category and is being built via the International Economic Association, a model of foreign investment. On the other hand, the earthmoving stage is about to be finalized for the future five-star Iberostar Ancón Hotel, he added.

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