June 18, 2021

Trinidad Bets on Authentic, Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy

Trinidad de Cuba hopes to become a gastronomic destination for tourists from around the world

2nd Trinidad Gourmet 2019 event

2nd Trinidad Gourmet 2019 event
Trininad can provide a great deal of products to guarantee a well-served up table.
(Photo taken from Radio Trinidad).

The City Museum of the Caribbean, in the south central of Cuba, recently hosted the 2nd Trinidad Gourmet 2019 event under the motto De la tierra a la mesa (From the soil to the table).

Attendees participated in various conferences and discussions held at the beautiful Iberostar Heritage Grand Trinidad.

This wonderful city is the only one in Cuba to be registered as World Crafts City and now aspires to also become a Gastronomic City of the World.

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