Santiago Alvarez Honorary Chair Opens in Sancti Spiritus

The Chair was created in the José Martí University of Sancti Spiritus and is the third so far opened in Cuba

guayabera shirt from santiago alvarez
Santiago Álvarez’s widow when making the donation of the guayabera shirt.
(Photo: Lisandra Gómez Guerra / Escambray).

The Honorary Chair Santiago Alvarez was created in the Jose Martí University of Sancti Spiritus, in order to promote audiovisual culture and deepen the study of the life and work of this renowned Cuban filmmaker.

This idea came up a year ago when a group of enthusiastic seventh art lovers expressed interest to include the territory in the tribute to the centenary of the creator of the Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano (ICAIC Latin-American Newsreel).

The filmmaker’s widow, Lázara Herrera, who runs the Santiago Álvarez Office, recalled the proposal when donating one of the guayabera shirts owned by the one who revolutionized the documentary cinema both in Cuba and Latin America.

“The idea made us very happy because this is the third Chair in Cuba and the first in the center of the island. The other two have showed that there is much ignorance concerning the work and life of Santiago. His creations not only benefit the country, but the young people in general because many topics are analyzed and questioned. They begin to know the history of this nation, a science not always well told in our schools”, she said during the ceremony.

The also president of the International Documentary Festival Santiago Álvarez, held every year in Santiago de Cuba, handed over photos of the Third World Chronicler wearing the guayabera she donated and accompanied by renowned Cuban intellectuals.

Santiago Álvarez made 1492 newsreels, about 120 documentaries, and 12 videos. The ICAIC Latin-American Newsreel is considered Memory of the World by UNESCO since 2009.

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