June 15, 2021

New Charter Flights from the United States to Cuba

Despite US restrictions, Cubazul makes regular flights to Santa Clara, Camagüey, Holguin, Varadero Beach and, since very recently, to Havana

new charter flight from fort myers to havana
new charter flight from fort myers to havana
The new charter flight will link Fort Myers with Havana. (Photo taken from www.news-press.com).

Despite the growing restrictions imposed by the US government against Cuba, charter flights began from Fort Myers, in Florida, to Havana.

The Cubazul Company, which until recently only took passengers to Cuba from Miami International Airport, began to make two weekly flights directly from the Southwest Florida International Airport, Fort Myers, to the capital of the Caribbean island.

According to Prensa Latina, Victoria Moreland, spokeswoman for the latter terminal, told The News-Press journal that Cubazul’s new offer makes them the only provider of non-stop flights between that city of Florida and Cuba.

According to the same source, Cubazul also makes trips from Miami to other Cuban destinations such as Santa Clara, Camagüey, Holguin and Varadero Beach.

The news about the new routes is spread shortly before a new measure of Donald Trump administration against Cuba enters into force, by means of which the regular flights of American airlines to any place outside of Havana are prohibited from next December 10.

Such restriction, announced last October 25, joins the different actions taken by the American government to hinder trips to the Caribbean island, after in recent years there has been a substantial increase in visits by Americans to the neighboring country.

However, the restriction does not affect charter companies, that’s why Maykel Constantin, Cubazul director of operations, said they are looking to expand soon with flights from Fort Myers to other Cuba´s areas such as Holguin and Camaguey.

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