June 15, 2021

International May Day Brigade Arrives in Sancti Spiritus (+photos)

The more than 320 members of the brigade were welcomed by local authorities in the monument that honors the fallen for the liberty of the island

The members of the brigade will visit sites of economic, historic and social interest in Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: José Alberto Rodríguez / Escambray).

The 14th International May Day Brigade, coming from 32 countries, were granted a warmly welcomed by local authorities in the Martyrs’ Monument of Sancti Spiritus.  

At the beginning of the ceremony, Iranian Zara and South African Rachel, two of the members of the brigade, laid a floral wrest before the monument which honors the fallen for the liberty of Cuba in this territory in the center of the island.

Two of the members of the brigade laid a floral wrest before the monument which honors local martyrs. (Photo: José Alberto Rodríguez / Escambray).

When delivering the welcoming speech, Dr. Alexis Lorente Jiménez, deputy to the National Assembly of the People’s Power and head of government in the capital city of Sancti Spiritus, told the visitors about the maintenance and restoration work carried out in the historic area prior to the upcoming 505 foundation anniversary.

Lorente Jiménez also referred to the battles we are currently fighting against the US blockade, which has been particularly tighten with the application of the Helms-Burton Act. Likewise, he stressed our support to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and to Brazilian ex-president Lula da Silva. Finally, he wished them a nice stay in the territory.

The visitors will be participating in the national 1st of May parade in Havana. (Photo: José Alberto Rodríguez / Escambray).

Raúl Cardoso Cabrera, local representative of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) also addressed the visitors and told them about the program of activities which includes tours around the municipalities of Yaguajay and Trinidad.

As previously informed, the visitors as schedulled to return to the Julio Antonio Mella Camp, in the Western Cuban province of Artemisa, next Monday, prior to their participation in the 1st of May parade.

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