June 22, 2021

Huge Protests Staged in Honduras against Government

Honduras’s president has faced heavy criticism over corruption and election fraud

protests in honduras
protests in honduras
People denounce the reforms that will lead to the privatization of public health and education services. (Photo: Reuters).

Mass protests have erupted across Honduras as thousands of people demonstrate against the government of Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Members of the Honduran riot police that have dealt with weeks of protests stood down in Tegucigalpa on Wednesday, allowing adversaries of President Hernandez to block streets and cause traffic chaos in the city.

Hernandez’s official residence was being guarded on Wednesday night by military police and soldiers armed with high-performance rifles while demonstrators marched through streets calling on the president to step down.

Members of the National Directorate of Special Forces (DNFE), who have been protesting since Tuesday night by remaining in their quarters, said if they did not receive better benefits, they would not carry out anti-riot operations.

The police strike is a fresh headache for the conservative leader, who has been under pressure since he changed electoral rules to allow him to run for a second term in 2017. Though he won the election, he was heavily criticized by international observers and opponents who say he stole the victory.

Hernandez has faced heavy criticism within Honduras over the last few years, as constant reports of corruption and election fraud have tainted his presidency.

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