First Women Inseminators of Cuba Work in Sancti Spíritus

Jose Luis Camellon

The only brigade of women dedicated to artificial insemination in Cuba works in the Bienvenido Pardillo Cooperative of Guasimal

Last year a group of women, most of them very young, astonished even the most liberal cattle-raisers of Guasimal, where the only brigade of women engaged in artificial insemination in Cuba was created.

No one in the region, located to the south of Sancti Spíritus, central Cuba, could imagine decades ago that the rough and dangerous job of insemination would end up in the hands of some girls who, after overcoming many obstacles to be trained as inseminators, have been able to achieve results beyond traditional indexes with inseminated cows.

Orlando Obregón Medinilla, president of the cooperative to which the brigade belongs, told Escambray that in this farm insemination is a priority in order to improve the genetic of the animals.  

According to Tanya Herrera Muñoz, one of the inseminators, they recieved a training in the Livestock School of Sancti Spíritus. “It was an idea that originated from a group of girls who were practically unemployed. We brought it to the cooperative and that’s how the project was created. We have always been very close to the animals either for being daughters of farmers or for being veterinarians who have been working with cattle for a long time now”, she added.

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