June 20, 2021

Europe and Canada, Major Tourist Source Markets to Sancti Spiritus

Despite difficulties, tourism business keeps moving on in Cuba, where the government continues to give priority to investments in this area

foreign tourists in trinidad, sancti spiritus
foreign tourists in trinidad, sancti spiritus
The ancient city of Trinidad is a major attraction for tourists who visit Sancti Spiritus.
(Photo: A. del Valle).

Europe and Canada head this year the list of the major tourist source markets to the province of Sancti Spíritus, a central Cuban territory in need of increasing the visits of foreign visitors for the good of local economy.

Although the number of tourist so far reported has been below expectations, visitors from France, Germany, Spain and Russia have been gradually increasing, said Reiner Rendón Fernández, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in this province.

Due to the escalation of the US blockade against Cuba, during the last few months the province reported a decrease in the arrival of travelers from the United States, a market that was showing a gradual increasing trend, said Rendón Fernández.

Although part of the population in Sancti Spiritus cannot visit hotel facilities due to economic hardship, it is a fact that tourism is a key source of foreign currency which is later on reverted into social expenditures.

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