Diaz-Canel Meets with Governmental Authorities from Cuban Regions

The Cuban president was accompanied by several vice-presidents and ministers

Cuban News Agency

diazcanel in meeting
Important issues such as housing construction, agriculture, and local development programs were examined in the meeting. (Photo: Estudios Revolución).

The course of the economy focuses on Tuesday in Havana the second day of a working meeting between President Miguel Diaz-Canel and other national leaders with provincial and municipal authorities.

The analysis on sugar harvest, the implementation of the guidelines for the socioeconomic development and the 2019 Economy Plan stand out in the agenda of the meeting, which was held on Monday at the Conference Center in Havana.

Diaz-Canel, along with vice presidents and ministers, discussed with the presidents of the People’s Power provincial and municipal assemblies some priorities such as housing construction and food.

About the housing infrastructure, the meeting dealt with the execution of houses at a territorial level, the availability of construction materials and the damage recovery in the sector caused by weather events.

According to Juventud Rebelde newspaper, more than 32,000 homes are expected to be built this year, about half of them through the state, but the program has been delayed in all provinces after January and February.

Diaz-Canel reiterated during the meeting that solving the challenge of access to housing is a priority for Cuba, so he called to act with that vision and eliminate bureaucratic obstacles.

In that sense, the president recalled that solving it represents raising the quality of life of the population and responding to demographic challenges.

National leaders and local officials also addressed the issue of agriculture, particularly the progress of programs aimed at guaranteeing food for people.

The role of local authorities in searching greater efficiency as a factor to satisfy the Cubans’ needs and the economic boost was also addressed during the first day of the meeting.

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