June 18, 2021

Cuba President Continues Government visit to Villa Clara

The visit to this central Cuban territory was started Wednesday, May 15th

DC in Villa Clara1
DC in Villa Clara1
The President reviewed progress being made on the province’s housing program. (Photo: Presidencia de Cuba).

The President of Cuba’s Councils of State and of Ministers continued leading a government visit to Villa Clara with the Council of Ministers.

Diaz-Canel’s first stop was the Ernesto Che Guevara Cardiac Center to check on progress on an expansion to increase bed capacity, improve the ambulatory consultation area, and other facilities.

In a conversation with staff members, who serve 3.5 million residents of the island’s six central provinces, the President noted that the center is a product of audacity and perseverance, of dreaming, but with our feet firmly on the ground, which plays an essential role in the region’s public health system.

Upon leaving the institution, as has become customary, Díaz-Canel chatted with the crowd waiting for him, sharing observations he has made during the tour.

Later, he visited the Induvilla Basic Enterprise Unit, affiliated with the Pescavilla fishing company, where he conversed with its director, Rene Peña.

Next, the President reviewed progress being made on the province’s housing program, noting, “An effort has been made to guarantee resources for the most needy,” referring to subsidies and the need to expedite their processing.

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