June 18, 2021

Cuban Volleyball Federation Informs about Reinsertion of Players

Ex-members of the national volleyball team made official their request to be reinserted in the Cuban sports system

In the photo, Robertlandy Simón and Raydel Hierrezuelo. (Photo: FIVB).

The Cuban Volleyball Federation informed that the ex-members of the national team Robertlandy Simon, Michael Sanchez and Raydel Hierrezuelo made official their request to be reinserted in the Cuban sports system.

This step took place during a meeting marked by the respect, frank dialogue and exchange of opinions in relation to the current situation and perspective of Cuban sport and in line with what was approved in terms of
recruitment abroad, according to JIT sports publication.

It was a meeting conceived as a space to analyze, internally, the elements inherent in a process like this, not massive, that can only involve those who, like them, never played for another national team.

We reiterate that the subsequent assessments will take into account what was established for these cases, the attitude of the applicants when they played in other leagues with the status of independent players who did not leave the country by way of desertion, and their willingness to respond to the interests of the Cuban national team, added JIT.

Texto de Cuban News Agency

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