June 18, 2021

Cuban Authorities Oversee Implementation of New Measures

The supervision was started in the western provinces of Havana and Mayabeque

meeting in havana
meeting in havana
Díaz-Canel and ministers hold meeting with major authorities in Havana. (Photo: Boris Fuentes)

President Miguel Díaz-Canel and other government authorities started this Friday a tour of the Cuban provinces.

The tour is aimed at overseeing the implementation of the measures adopted as a result of the temporary energy situation the island is facing due to US hostility.

The visits, which started in Havana and Mayabeque provinces, will also serve to explain the characteristics of the provisions and to hear the contributions that local authorities and the population can make for their successful implementation.

During his special TV appearance Thursday, President Diaz-Canel said that providing the population full explanation is a must of public servants and that through communication uncertainty can be dispelled.

Meanwhile, the Council of Ministers held a session Thursday to evaluate how the various ministries plan to implement the proposed actions.

The measures include the reorganization of work hours and some activities, the postponement of academic, cultural and sports events, the effective use of remote work, adjustment in study programs, among others that will contribute to the saving of fuel and energy consumption during peak hours.

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