July 27, 2021

Cuba Parliamentarians Briefed on Economy and Agriculture Issues

Today, parliamentarians will also discuss on the organization of the National and Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power

Cuba Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil
Cuba Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil
Cuba Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil submits his report to the parliamentarians. (Photo: ACN).

The National Assembly of People’s Power (Cuban Parliament) is meeting in full Thursday to receive information on the progress of the economy and agriculture.

Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil is briefing lawmakers on the country’s economic development in 2019, and the outlook for next year reported Prensa Latina.

The minister said that modest growth is expected, following the implementation of measures in the productive, business, territorial, mercantile and monetary sectors.

Agriculture Minister Gustavo Rodríguez will also inform legislators about the performance of the sector, which is vital for Cuba’s urgent need to reduce imports.  The country allocates significant resources for the purchase of food under adverse financial conditions due to the impact of the U.S blockade, which seeks to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

Agriculture is also called upon to increase its exports to provide the necessary foreign income to contribute to the island’s economic take-off.

During the day, the parliamentarians will also discuss two bills, one of the Organization and Functioning of the National Assembly of People’s Power and the Council of State.  The other pertains to the organization and functioning of the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power and People’s Councils.

Both pieces of legislation respond to provisions of the new Constitution proclaimed last April.

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