June 24, 2021

Cuba Marks 10th Anniversary of Commander Juan Almeida Bosque Passing

Almeida participated in many important events of the Cuban Revolution

Almeida, Raúl and Fidel shared many of the events of the Cuban Revolution. (Photo: Fidel Soldado de las Ideas)

Cubans island wide are observing Wednesday the 10th anniversary of the passing of Comandante de la Revolution, Juan Almeida Bosque, with tributes and a military ceremony at the Mausoleum where his remains are buried.

Almeida participated in the attack on the Moncada Barracks, in the Granma yatch expedition and he was part of the original Rebel Army cell led by Fidel Castro at the Sierra Maestra Mountains and later was appointed leader of the 3rd Front of the Rebel Army.

After the triumph of the Revolution, commander Almeida held top government and Cuban Communist Party responsibilities.

Media outlets are remembering the highly esteemed Cuban leader, who was also well known for composing some 300 songs and writing important recollections of the liberation war, and other issues. His book Contra el Agua y el Viento, Against the Water and the Wind, a testimony of events during the Flora Cyclone was the recipient of the Casa de las Americas Literary award in 1985.

In a tweet, president Miguel Diaz-Canel paid tribute to Comandante Almeida: “A hero with music in his soul. In a difficult moment at the beginning of the guerrilla struggle he immortalized himself by proclaiming then and forever: “Here, no one surrenders”.

With a military honor guard ceremony and the placement of a floral offering in the Mausoleum of the Third Front in Cruce de los Baños, Santiago de Cuba, a memorial tribute will be paid to the Commander of the Revolution, with the presence of comrades in struggle, combatants, family members, authorities and residents of that mountain range.

Juan Almeida Bosque was born in Havana on February 17, 1927 and died in the Cuban capital on September 11, 2009.

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