July 24, 2021

Cuba Health Cooperation Continues in Caribbean Countries

Forty Cuban health professionals arrived in Jamaica where they will be serving for three years

cuba and jamaica flags together
cuba and jamaica flags together
Health cooperation with Jamaica began in 1976, at the request of that country’s government.

Authorities from Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Welfare officially welcomed 40 Cuban health professionals who will serve the Caribbean nation for three years.

According to Cubaminrex, Gail Hudson, director of Human Resources for the ministry, and the head of nursing, Patricia Ingram-Martin gave the most cordial welcome to the doctors and nurses and thanked Cuba for its historic collaboration in the Jamaican public health sector.

Inés Fors Fernández, Cuban ambassador in Kingston, the Jamaican capital, urged the doctors to uphold the ethical and professional values of Cuban medicine.

This new brigade joins the 259 collaborators already in Jamaica, of which 18 are part of the Mission Miracle, thanks to which more than 16,000 operations have been performed, allowing for the improvement of eyesight to an important part of the population. 

Collaboration in the field of health with Jamaica began in 1976, at the request of the Government of Jamaica and with a brigade of 14 doctors, under the technical cooperation agreement in force between the ministries of both countries.

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