July 27, 2021

August 27th: Cuban Performance in Parapan American Games

Cuba is preceded in the medal table by Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile

Omara Durand in Lima 2019
Omara Durand in Lima 2019
Omara Durand, the fastest woman in the Paralympic world, won the 100-meter competition at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games. (Photo taken from www.lima2019.pe)

By the morning of this Tuesday, August 27, the Cuban delegation in the Lima 2019 Special Pan-Am Games sums a total of 16 medals, divided into 7 Gold, 2 Silver and 7 Bronze, and shares the 6th place in the medal leader-board with Chile.

This Monday, in Track and Field, the Cuban athletes collected a Gold medal, one Silver and 2 Bronze medals, but it was not enough neither to improve nor to maintain the 5th place they closed Sunday with.

The Gold medal was Omara Durand‘s, in the 100 m Dash, the Silver one was obtained by Leonardo Diaz in Discus Throw, while the two Bronze medals were both obtained in the Long Jump, but in different categories, by Raciel Gonzalez and Lazaro Rodriguez.

Brazil tops the medal leader-board with 39 Gold, 39 Silver and 40 Bronze medals, followed by United States (31-22-25), Mexico (26-23-19), Argentina (11-17-22), Colombia (11-13-18), and Chile and Cuba (7-2-7).

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