Argentina Suspends Amend to Mining Law Allowing Toxic Chemicals

The reform of the bill approved in Mendoza allowed the use of chemicals like cyanure and sulfuric acid

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demonstrations in argentine
Demonstrators protested the rule approved last Friday claiming that it would contaminate both the water the crops. (Photo taken from

The government of the province of Mendoza, in the east of Argentina, suspended the rule of the mining law 7.722 that was giving the green light to chemicals like cyanure and sulfuric acid, substances that are usually prohibited.

Environmental groups stated that the law violated general law in Argentina as well as environmental preservation.

Mendoza’s governor, Rodolfo Suárez, said that the law was suspended and the dialogue with protesters opened, including the “archbishops, universities, labor unions, political parties, international organizations.”

He added that he will participate personnally to the dialoque.

Recently-elect leftist government of Alberto Fernández said Tuesday that the law should be evaluated in a way that it would generate the minimal impact on environment. 

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  1. Thanks a lot for talking about such an important moment in Mendocinian and Argentine environmental crisis! We need as many support as possible, as local media is not reporting everything that happens. We’re still peacefully marching in order to keep Law 7722 intact. In fact, many provinces in the West region of our country are enduring similar struggles against megamining companies.
    Once again, thank you!

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