Voting against US Blockade: A Resounding Victory of the Cuban People

Delia Proenza

For the 27th consecutive time the US blockade against Cuba has been rejected at the UN General Assembly. (Photo taken from Granma Digital).

The people of Sancti Spiritus continue to show their feelings about the new triumph of Cuba in the General Assembly of the United Nations

After watching the details of the vote on the Cuban Resolution against the United States blockade, and the eight amendments that the government of that country tried to include in the document, mixed feelings gather in the minds and the hearts of the people of Sancti Spiritus on this day. In an abbreviated dialogue, Escambray continues to collect evidences.

Imilsis Valle Almagro, a medical student:

This was an overwhelming victory of our people for their sovereignty. Once again the values ​​that characterize us and the support we have throughout the world were made clear. That ratifies what happens year after year in the United Nations: we have the support of the whole world.

Evelyn Santiesteban Clavelo, a student of Spanish language and literature at the Jose Marti University of Sancti Spíritus (Uniss):

Although all the countries were in favor of Cuba, the blockade has not ceased and that should be already changed. There must be an agreement to lift it. It is well known that the blockade is totally unfair and that the United States and Israel will always be against it.

I believe that it is important that the United States understands that Cubans need the elimination of the blockade, but it is also necessary that the UN gets responsibility for those votes not being in vain. It is the twenty-seventh time it is done and nothing changes afterwards.

The blockade is a unilateral act on the part of the United States and we have suffered the consequences. It is unjust and illegal because it contravenes all the norms of international law, reciprocal respect, sovereignty of the states. It has kept us in the shadow of international trade and has denied our state many possibilities for further development.

Although these votes were atypical, I do not think they make a difference since, unfortunately, the United Nations is not a super-court but a forum of the international community.

Erik Berroa Aguilar, professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Uniss:

We confirm once again the position of the vast majority of nations about the blockade against Cuba. It is clear that the world has come together in favor of its elimination. I see the blockade as another justification to limit the development of our country. Unfortunately, the United States uses its power and does not listen to the world, or pretends no to.

Emily Sánchez Rodríguez, a medical student:

It is very good that so many countries are in favor of the lifting of the blockade against Cuba, what I do not understand is why, if the vast majority supports the resolution our country is not rid of the blockade yet.

The blockade affects the people in all senses. Its objective is to make it more difficult for us, so that we look as depending on them thus making them able to come to Cuba to do what they used to do before the Revolution: dispose of our territory as they please and seize its wealth.

Juana Pérez, a retired worker from the fishing sector:

When I saw the better the chances for lifting the blockade was when Obama was President of the United States. The support of the nations Cuba is the same now, but with this man (Trump) who is capable of repressing children who march in the caravans and allow massacres in schools, I do not see things clearly. The whole world votes to lift the blockade, but he does whatever he wants.

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