Sancti Spíritus to Host International Women’s Day Commemoration


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Women play an important role in the special education schools of the territory. (Photo: Lauris Heriquez Arocha / Escambray).

The announcement was made this Friday at the National Plenary of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), held in Havana

Sancti Spíritus was granted the venue for the national celebration of the International Women’s Day, next March 8th.

The announcement was made this Friday at the National Plenary of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), held in Havana, which reported that the role of the woman from Sancti Spiritus was taken into account for this award.

Community work, especially in the prevention of criminal acts and antisocial behaviors, social care, educational work and health promotion were decisive elements to adopt the highly stimulating decision.

Hildeliza Jiménez Viciedo, member of the Provincial Secretariat of the FMC, told the ACN that 48 percent of those employed in sectors of the economy and society in the territory are women, with preponderance in health and education.

We also have representation in the non-state sector, in decision-making positions in management and in complex activities of agriculture and defense, added Jiménez Viciedo.

90.4 percent of the 188 thousand 278 women with 14 or more years of age living in Sancti Spíritus are members of the FMC, and among them are young women, many of whom hold positions in the organization.

Each of the eight municipalities of Sancti Spiritus has a home for women and family, in which last year 22,000 people were served in the three lines of work of these institutions: individual guidance, guidance and group work, and training to face the work life.

It has also been recognized that more than 32 percent of the delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power are women, who also have representation in the candidacies for deputies to Parliament and the Provincial Assembly.

Sancti Spiritus’s FMC members are ready to celebrate March 8 with a plan of activities that includes meetings of generations, volunteer work, intensification of educational actions and tributes to historical events at the community level.


Taken from ACN and translated by Escambray.

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