Renowned Novelist Daniel Chavarria Passes Away at 84

Radio Havana Cuba

Daniel Chavarría
Daniel Chavarría revolutionized crime literature in Latin America, (Photo: PL).

Chavarría considered himself a Cuban writer born in Uruguay and always underlined his essential link with this island

Daniel Chavarría, author of a work that revolutionized crime literature in Latin America, died Friday in Havana. He was 84.

He was born in San Jose de Mayo, in Uruguay, in 1933.

Cuba was his adopted homeland. In 2010 he was recognized on the island with the National Literature Prize.

He considered himself ‘a Cuban writer born in Uruguay. In doing so he underlined his essential link with Cuba, where he arrived in 1969 and began a literary career with a firm step in 1978 when he published his novel Joy.

Since then he achieved the admiration of readers and the endorsement of critics both in Cuba and abroad through detective intrigues novels like The sixth island, The eye of Cybele, Alla Ellos, The Red in the Feather of the Parrot, and Widows of Blood, among others.

He was the recipient of the Dashiell Hammet Award for  the best crime novel in Spanish language in 1992, the Edgar Allan Poe Award in 2002 granted by the MysteryWriters Association of America and the Casa de las Americas Prize in 2002.

Among his most recent works, he devoted special attention to one that he owed to his country of origin and to all those who defend the emancipatory ideal of the peoples of the continent: I am the Rufo and I do not Surrender, a fictionalized biography of the founder of the guerrilla group Tupamaros, Raúl Sendic.

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