Best Places of Confluence in Downtown Sancti Spiritus (+photos)


View of the Serafín Sánchez Park at sunset. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).

In Sancti Spiritus there are several confluence sites, places that are distinguished by the almost permanent presence of people who come together to rest, talk and enjoy the surroundings

The Serafín Sánchez Park and the Boulevard Street of the city are two of the most crowded places. Both residents and visitors find here what they have been looking for: the opportunity to enjoy a fresh breeze after a hot summer day.

Local residents and visitors enjoy walking along the Boulevard Street. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).
Evening view of the Boulevard Street. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).
plaza hotel
The emblematic Hotel Plaza of Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).
Cafe Cubitas is a good choice when you’re looking for good coffee. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).


(Taken from The Village of the Holy Spirit)

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