Evo Morales, Alvaro García Receive Support for 2019 Elections

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Morales (R) and Linera expressed their gratitute towards the confidence of the Bolivian workers. (Photo taken from https://www1.abi.bo/abi_/).

The country’s top worker confederation said that Morales is its undisputed candidate for the presidential elections

Vice President Álvaro García Línera, who has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of seeking re-election, finally announced today that he will run again for the post after the Bolivian Workers Center (COB) proclaimed him as the running mate of President Evo Morales in the 2019 elections.

“Together with the President, we are here very moved and very excited because the only Bolivian workers’ organization (…) has taken this decision, first of all, to support its affiliate Evo Morales (…) and, secondly, to take me into account” as his running mate, Línera said at an event organized by the COB Tuesday night.

“I receive it [the descion] with gratitude, with humility, and with commitment, knowing that next to Evo, we will never betray, or disappoint.”

This afternoon the COB, who had previously had reservations on the government of Morales, abandoned its position of picking a worker for the vice presidency and at the suggestion of Morales choose Garcia Linera.

“To consolidate the candidacy of our companion Evo Morales, we also accept the suggestion for the candidacy for the vice presidency of Álvaro García Linera”, read the second article of the resolution the COB.

The country’s top worker confederation said that Morales is its undisputed candidate for the presidential elections. “Nobody will stain or deviate from the leadership of our brother Evo Morales who not only represents our identity and dignity but the historic struggle for the construction of socialism.”

Until yesterday, sectors of the COB had been asking its parent entity to propose a worker for the Vice Presidency, but the confederation opted to stick to Garcia Linera.

Morales celebrated the decision of the COB and described as “historic” and a show of the “organic maturity” of the organization of the workers.

The former leadership of the COB, under general secretary Guido Mitma, disaffiliated from the ruling the party, MAS-IPSP. Guido Mitma condemned Evo Morales and joined forces with right-wing protest movements against his candidacy at the upcoming elections.

However, a rank and file rebellion from the miners’ union forced Guido Mitma out and elected a new leadership that announced their support for Evo Morales. Current leader Juan Carlos Guarachi said “this is a government of the workers, of the social movements.”

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