Cuba Parliament Working Commissions Hold Sessions in Havana

Cuban News Agency

Cuba President Miguel Díaz-Canel is attending the sessions of the working commissions. (Photo: Estudios Revolución).

The parliamentarians will receive information and study the proposals of the Drafting Commission of the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba

The 10 Standing Commissions of the National Assembly of People’s Power began this Sunday their deliberations at the
Havana Conventions Center on socio-economic issues of great interest to the population.

In its II Session of the IX Legislature, the deputies of the Agrifood Sector will focus their attention for two days on the results of the municipal self-supply program for agricultural products, the situation of cattle ranching and the business system, and the substitution of imports.

According to the program, they will also evaluate the accountability processes included in this year’s Economic Plan, the march of the sugarcane harvest, the confrontation with social indiscipline, illegalities, crimes and acts of corruption.

Like the others, which will do so jointly, its agenda includes information on the execution of the State Budget and compliance with the 2018 Economy Plan, as well as the proposals of both for 2019.

The deputies who make up the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee will evaluate, mainly, the status of the sentences with economic content and the measures of the People’s Supreme Court, as well as the processing of criminal proceedings by the latter and the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic.

Their colleagues in the National Defense and Internal Order will examine the impact on young people of the performance of Active Military Service, the attention of combatants and plans of measures against strengthening and increasing prevention against cases of social indiscipline, illegalities and crime.

An essential theme of Economic Affairs is related to the preliminary information on the preparation and development of the XIII National Verification of Internal Control by the Comptroller General of the Republic, while that of Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment will debate around its priorities, among them cultural policy, experiences of the Ministry of Education about approaches of voters and projections of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

Legislators belonging to the Industry, Construction and Energy group will prioritize the rise of renewable sources, building and rehabilitation of housing, local production of materials and subsidies.

In the case of youth care, children and women’s equal rights, they will take into account, among others, the functioning of comprehensive training schools, indicators related to teenage pregnancy and the incorporation and training of technical and vocational education graduates in social service.

With information on the science, technology and innovation system, the Health and Sports Commission will meet, which includes the program for the care of infertile couples, smoking, the Plan of Action for the Improvement of the Physician and the Family Nurse, as well as the epidemiological situation of the nation.

The Commission of Attention to the Services will evaluate the inspection and the control to the railroad in the transport and load of passengers, to entities of the tourism and of the popular camping in the quality of the services and the substitution of imports, the familiar basket and the retail mercantile circulation.

Subsequently, the deputies will receive information and study the proposals of the Drafting Commission of the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, which contain the opinions of the population during the assemblies held from August 13 to November 15, when there were more than 600,000 proposals.

The II session of the IX legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power will begin next Friday, December 21, with the analysis of the results of the consultation of the constitutional reform process and the behavior of the country’s economic indicators and programs.

The 10 standing commissions of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) were approved last June 2 in an extraordinary session, with a call to play an essential role in the current and future political, economic and social transformations of the country.

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