Cuba Does a Lot for the World, That’s Why It’s Earned Respect Worldwide

Delia Proenza

Illustration: OSVAL

After the overwhelming victory of Cuba in the General Assembly of the United Nations for the 27th time, people of different ages talk about the longest economic, commercial and financial siege in history

Their faces have lightened up. Some of them could not watch the voting live, but knew about it later. A common idea emerges in the statements collected in the various popular sectors of the province of Sancti Spíritus when referring to the issue that has shaken Cuba for the last several days. Escambray takes note of the event.

Yamila Fernández, a sales promoter at Mintur (Ministry of Tourism):

It has been very good to see the support for Cuba by so many countries. The blockade must be eliminated because it is very unfair. In special schools, like the one where my girl studies, there are limitations in terms of equipment, school items, didactic games and other resources because they cannot be easily acquired and have to be bought at higher prices.

Aslian Rodríguez Caballero, a self-employed worker:

This was a great victory for the Cuban people, despite the attempts of the United States to hinder and delay the voting process, to confuse and manipulate the world. All the amendment proposals were rejected, which confirms the criterion that the international community is against the blockade.

The speech of the US ambassador was full of lies. Her country is the greatest violator of human rights and it hypocritically accuses Cuba and other nations. Our chancellor was very precise when exposing in details the US violations in that regard.

Adrián Rodríguez Rodríguez, a seventh grade student:

Cuba is a country that does a lot for the rest of the world in a disinterested way, that’s why it has earned the respect of other nations. Look at what many Cubans did for Angola, medical assistance to several villages, care for Ukrainian Chernobyl children victims of a nuclear explosion. Although the current government of that country did not support Cuba, I believe that it was a good thing to help them be cured.

Victoria Toyos Cárdenas, a retired worker from the sugar sector:

One wants the blockage to be lifted because of a great deal of things that do not work well and could work better. Cuban health is the best in the world, although it is affected by shortage of medicines and other resources that cannot be purchased because the blockade does not allow to do so. My son has received two kidney transplants and we haven’t paid anything for these surgeries.

Enmanuel Pérez Sandoval, a twelfth grade student:

What happened this time at the UN indicates that it is time for the United States to stop thinking in this way and lift the blockade against the Cuban people. When the USSR disappeared and the socialist camp fell, things became more difficult because of the blockade. That hard special period we lived in Cuba was even harder because of the United States.

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