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Varadero Tourist Resort Granted Environmental Recognition



This environmental category is part of a mechanism designed to favor the sustainability of the tourist activity, and is based on the sustainable coastal monitoring aimed at preserving the beach

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Varadero Beach is Cuba’s main tourist resort, located in the province of Matanzas. (Photo taken from

The Royaltol Hicacos Hotel, which belongs to the local Cubanacán Hotel chain enterprise and is located in the main tourist resort of Cuba, has been granted the local Friendly Beach category with which is regarded as the fifth local tourist resort showing that category.

That environmental recognition is based on the sustainable coastal monitoring that is aimed at preserving the beach through a complete project about the proper environmental and tourist management by the local Environmental office and its regulatory office and the Environmental Services center of the Territorial delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

The aforementioned category is part of a mechanism designed to favor the sustainability of the tourist activity, along with a report not only about the benefits for the environment and the society but also to the tourist enterprises. Moreover, it also includes the local policies, strategies and goals for the development of the tourist sector in Varadero tourist resort.

The rigorous requirements for the granting of that certificate includes the proper exploitation and the use of that natural resource and its infrastructure and necessary services for the tourist use of the beach, the quality of its water, the vegetable cover and the geography of that beach, as well as the creation of its workers´ environmental consciousness about that coastal zone and its users.

Previously, it was granted to the local Iberostar Taínos Hotel and the Solymar-Arenas Blancas Gran Caribe Hotels of the Gran Caribe hotel chain and the Blau Varadero Hotel of the Cubanacán Hotel Chain and the Laguna Azul Iberostar Hotel of the Gaviota Hotel chain, respectively.

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