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Cuban Youth Ratifies Commitment with the Revolution (+photos)

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April 4th commemoration in Ernesto Guevara Plaza in Santa Clara. (Photo:

The Cuban youth is today, on occasion of the 55th anniversary of its founding, is a guarantee of the present and future of the Revolution, the Secretary General of the Young Communist League (UJC), Susely Morfa, said.

The Cuban Revolution is a project of young people, who are the protagonists of the economic and social changes taking place in Cuba, the youth leader told the press. According to the youth leader, the organization she leads has been responsible for this segment of the society, whether or not they are UJC members.

Among the fundamental objectives of this political group is the joint work with ministries, institutions and other entities of the government to promote policies that prioritize the island’s youth, she noted.

The UJC has its genesis in the Association of Young Rebels that emerged by inspiration of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, and is the result of the unity process of the Cuban youth movement. The organization currently has 300,752 members.

Morfa stressed that more than 60,000 youth joined the organization in 2016, and more than 33,000 grass-roots committees are working throughout the country.

According to official statistics, the organization has about three million youth in Cuba between 15 and 34 years of age.

Along with the UJC, the Jose Marti Pioneers Organization is turning 56 today. It was emerged in order to bring together children and adolescents from five to 15 years.

(Photos taken from Facebook and ACN)






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