World Youth Congress Honors Cuban Leader Fidel Castro

Some 255 delegates from 16 nations have gathered in Havana to discuss youth issues. The forum is dedicated to the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution

Experts from 16 nations are discussing as of today until Saturday, April 2, at the Conference Center in Havana, issues about the perspective of children and adolescents, during the International Congress of Researchers on Youth.

During the meeting, about 255 delegates will analyze through panels, free speeches, and debates led by experts, issues such as “Youth policies in the 21st century,” “Youth and social participation” and “Young and the use of information technology and communications.”

The director of the Center for Youth Study at the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC), Teresa Viera, recently explained that the social-demographic approach in the study of adolescents and youth, social disadvantage, marginalization and poverty, and values education, will be also discuss during the event.

The meeting, dedicated to the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, will develop special workshops entitled “Fidel Castro in youth policies in Cuba,” “The UN System in the country” and “Adolescent in the national context,” he said.

For her part, UJC second secretary, Susel Morfa, told Prensa Latina that the workshop “Fidel and policies on youths” will be one of the most important activities of the event.

The 2nd International Congress of Researchers on Youth is part of the activities on occasion of the 54th anniversary of UJC, on April 4.

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