Smoking in Public Considered a Crime in Uganda


People used to smoke in public places will have a bad time if they go to Uganda, in eastern Africa, where such practice is forbidden from now on

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According to information released in allAfrica website, anyone found smoking in public would be arrested as stipulated in the Tobacco Control Act which came into effect this Thursday, May 19th.

Buying cigarettes for persons below 21, or smoking a cigarette within 50 metres of a public facility or in places such as schools or hospitals are also regarded as crimes, which is in line with the Tobacco Control Act 2014.

In this respect, the African website mentioned a statement by an advocacy officer at Uganda National Health Users/Consumers Organisation (UNHCO), saying that violators of these acts will be requested to pay fines, or will be arrested and taken to jail for five months or both, depending on the decision of the judge.

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  1. dancing tunes of uganda make me happy, by the way where seatbelts and helements laws ended. i think mps when they sit and find nothing to do they start dreaming non sense they dream the lake is cought fire the easy thing to stop tobacco smokers is to ban tobacco farmersand manufactureres

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