Cuban Government Fosters Bilateral Links with U.K.

Cuban News Agency

U.K. top representative Philip Hammond considers there is large potential to keep improving bilateral links with Cuba over the next few months and even years

Cuba and the United Kingdom strengthened bilateral cooperation relations after signing in Havana four memos of understanding
during the official visit here by British Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, Philip Hammond.

The memos aim at strengthening cooperation links in the areas of energy, higher education, culture, finances and professional services.

Hammond is the first British foreign secretary to visit Havana after the 1959 revolution triumph. He was welcomed by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, who said that it is a priority for Cuba to maintain relations with Britain and with the rest of European nations.

During the talk at the building the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Rodriguez expressed satisfaction for the favorable unfolding of bilateral links which, he said, are now in a promising stage with a potential to develop.

The Cuban minister stressed the significant progress of exchange in the areas of culture, sports, trade, tourism and investment. He also acknowledged noticeable advancement in talks with the European Union towards the signing of an accord for Political and Cooperation Dialog and thanked Britain for its contribution to that process.

Hammond on his part said that there is large potential to keep improving bilateral links over the next few months and even years. He noted that Britain is the second major source of tourists to Cuba and they can do much more to boost commercial relations, tourism and people-to-people exchange.

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