Barack Obama Honors Cuban National Hero Jose Marti

Cuban News Agency

US President Barack Obama paid homage to the Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, this morning accompanied by the Cuban Vice-President Salvador Valdes Mesa

Barack Obama Honors Cuban National Hero Jose Marti. (Photo: ACN)

As part of his official visit to Cuba, Obama laid a floral wreath at the base of the monument of Marti, at Havana’s Revolution Square.

After the ceremony, the US President broke the protocol and had his picture taken with the images of Commanders Ernesto Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos, displayed on two buildings across the square, on his back.

Along his delegation, Obama toured the Jose Marti Memorial, a site that tells the history of the Cuban Hero, inaugurated by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on January 27, 1996,
before heading for the official welcome ceremony at the Revolution Palace, where he will meet with President Raul Castro

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