16 People Injured in Jatibonico Traffic Accident Discharged from Hospital (+photos)

Delia Proenza

16 People Hurt in Jatibonico Traffic Accident already Discharged. Photo: Yoan Pérez.Sixteen of the twenty-eight patients admitted in Sancti Spiritus Camilo Cienfuegos University Hospital after the traffic accident that took place this Saturday in the local municipality of Jatibonico in which a tourist bus and a truck were involved, were discharged this Sunday afternoon.

According to sources from the Ministry of Interior, the tourists will be temporarily housed in the hotel facility known as Rancho Hatuey. The tour guide accompanying the foreign visitors and a Cuban health worker who was travelling on the truck have been also discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Leonel Albiza Sotomayor, vice-general director of the health institution, told Escambray that the remaining 12 patients, all of whom are foreigners, are distributed between the Ward 4C (best known as the Foreigners’ Ward), and the wards for seriously ill patients, where three of the six reported with serious injuries had been admitted in critical condition.

In the information provided by the police officers working on the case, it is said that the accident took place between 18:30 and 19:00, on Saturday. The incident occurred specifically at kilometer 423 of the Jatibonico-Ciego de Ávila road when a Transtur bus that was bringing thirty tourists from the city of Santiago de Cuba to Trinidad was hit by a truck from the Transcimex company. The truck was loaded with a container of goods traveling in the opposite direction, whose driver apparently did not notice the traffic signal that allows only vehicles up to 4.2 meters high.

As a result of the collision, 63-years-old Austrian citizen Johann Eberl, and the bus driver identified as Alkier Barrera Medina, 36, living in the Cuban province of Matanzas, were killed. Twenty-eight people were injured, most of them tourists from Germany and Austria who had planned to spend 14 days in Cuba, with final stay in Varadero.

Photos: Vicente Brito / Escambray

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