Tomislav Nikolic: I have fulfilled my dream of meeting Comandante Fidel


“It has been a fantastic visit. I’ve been with my friends, with the people, who like the Serbian, know how to appreciate their freedom,” said Tomislav Nikolic, as his official visit to Cuba came to an end.

Serbian President

Nikolic awarded Fidel the Order of the Republic of Serbia. The visiting President reported that upon receiving the honorary sash, Fidel commented that he would treasure it always.

According to Serbia’s official gazette, Fidel received the decoration in recognition of “his exceptional merits in developing and strengthening the relationship of friendship and cooperation shared by the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Cuba.”

“I have fulfilled my dream of meeting Comandante Fidel,” Nikolic said upon concluding his official visit yesterday, May 20. Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra bid the distinguished guest farewell at Havana’s José Martí International Airport.

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