Friday , November 24 2017

Sancti Spiritus: Pastor for Peace Reject US Blockade on Cuba

Pastor Guzman

Pastor Guzman

Pastors for Peace Co-Director, Gail Walker, highlighted the significance of the fact that this time several young Afro-North Americans have joined the caravan.

Pastors for Peace welcome the beginning of a new era in the relations between the United States and Cuba, but at the same time, they ratify that they won’t give up their struggle against the blockade imposed on the island, said in Sancti Spiritus Gail Walker, daughter of late reverend and Cuba’s unconditional friend, Lucius Walker.

During an exchange with local media, the social fighter pondered the possibilities ahead after the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

At the same time, she backed the Cuban position in the sense that in order to have really normal relations, the over-a-century criminal blockade must be annulled.

The also Pastors for Peace co-director highlighted the significance of the fact that this time several young Afro-North Americans have joined the caravan, who are now able to know the Cuban reality and can share with other people from their respective communities about their new experiences.

Some 50 members of the 26th Pastors for Peace Caravan concluded this Monday a three-day visit to the province of Sancti Spiritus, where they participated in the Santiago Espirituano (carnival celebrations), and met with grassroots organizations in the municipality of Cabaiguán on occasion of the Day of National Rebelliousness.

During their stay, the group visited historic and touristic sites in the cities of Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus, where they were welcomed by local authorities.

The visitors also paid a particularly emotive visit to the guayabera museum, where a large collection of that typical Cuban shirt is kept, including one owned by Reverend Lucius Walker, which was donated years ago to the institution.

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