Fidel Castro Sends Message to Nicolas Maduro

Cuban News Agency

Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro sent Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a message in which he stressed the discipline and firm stance of the Venezuelan people in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution amidst the most recent US threats.

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has always expressed in a precise
manner its willingness to dialog, peacefully an in a civilized way, with the
US administration; however, Venezuela will never accept threats or
impositions from that country, Fidel says in his message.

And he notes that he´s been able to observe the attitude, not only of the
heroic people of Bolivar and Chavez, but also a special circumstance, which
is the exemplary discipline and the spirit of the National Bolivarian Armed
Forces…Today, Venezuela counts on the best equipped soldiers and officers
in Latin America.

In his letter, Fidel Castro recalls that when Maduro recently met with
military officers he could observe that they all were determined to die for
their homeland.

Fidel also said that the extraordinary Summit of the countries with the
Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) is meeting today in Caracas to analyze the US policy against Venezuela and ALBA.

He also recalled the struggle of the Venezuelan people through history and
how imperialism exploited its oil resources. He noted that oil resources,
which formed in millions of years, would be exhausted in less than a century from now, and the world population, now calculated at 7.2 billion, will double that number in one hundred years and in the next two hundred years they will be 21 billion, only the most advanced technology could perhaps help the survival of the Human Species for some more time.

Why aren´t the fabulous communication means used to inform and educate about these realities…? Fidel asks and adds that an ALBA Summit cannot be held without considering these realities.

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