Evo Morales Government’s Job Policy Effective


Bolivian Minister of Labor Daniel Santalla announced that Bolivia has generated a half a million jobs in both the private and public sector since 2006.

“There was major increase in employment throughout the country since 2006, according to the data we have, in both the public and private sector have created more the 500,000 jobs in the country,” he stated.

Santalla went on attribute the increased employment levels to the policies carried out under Evo Morales’ administration, which have aimed to expand employment opportunities, especially economically marginalized communities.

However, the Minister also noted that the creation of jobs must also include the generation of “decent and dignified” forms of labor in which workers should receive benefits from social security.

Since 2005, the Bolivian government has made considerable progress in terms of improving labor legislation, including:

• Prohibiting unlawful firings;
• Legalizing strikes;
• No longer allows employers to fire women with children less then a year old;
• Allows women to have paid day to go the gynecologist; and
• Providing three months of paid benefits after a worker is fired or resigns.

Most importantly, from 2005-2013 Bolivia has achieved an increase in real minimum wage of 104 percent, higher than any other Latin American country according to International Labor Organization.

 Taken from www.telesurtv.net/english.

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