Venezuela President Calls for Restructuring UN


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro insisted on the need of restructuring the UN with a view to maximize the organization’s decision making ability, with democracy, as Chavez had stated in several opportunities.

“Reminding him and recalling him, in his spirit of anti-imperialist freedom and justice, and the need of restructuring the United Nations,” said Maduro, who was supported by several nations, among them Argentina.

That reconstruction should embrace adjustments and reforms of the entire UN system, added Maduro, and also the recovery of the organization’s initial purpose.

“The United Nations charter is for real one of the most beautiful powers,” said the President, noting however that “it has for real become a tool set aside, forgotten and also permanently violated in its basic objectives.”

In this connection, he said “we vindicate the validity of the United Nations above any criticism that may be done. And above that vindication, the human importance of having this organization is why we insist on the need of a deep transformation.”

That reconstruction, he explained, should also embrace a reform on its Security Council, considering the importance of extending scenarios of democratization and people’s leading participation.

“Today, the United Nations should adapt to a multipolar, multicentral, pluripolar world, with new actors in the world, with emerging countries and regions that have aspirations that should be respected worldwide.

The United Nations should adapt its organs and be subject to the sovereignty of peoples of the world, which claim a powerful voice,” emphasized the Venezuelan President.

Thus, he remarked that it is necessary to strengthen the General Secretary, so as “to find formulas of peace and conflict resolutions in the world.” “It is urgent for the world… We already have a different world, where we want to talk, think and decide destiny in peace.”

(Taken from AVN)

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