Sancti Spiritus Yuniesky Gourriel Plays for Les Capitales

Since last July 10th, Yunieski Gourriel is in Canada, where he joined Les Capitales de Québec.Without the media coverage around the incorporation of Frederich Cepeda, Yulieski Gourriel and Alfredo Despaigne to Asia baseball teams, the eldest of the Gourriel family was also hired to play abroad.

According to information released by, the agreement was signed between Michel Laplante, president of Les Capitales, the Cuban Federation of Baseball, and the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation (INDER), at the end of June.

On his first performance at Stade Municipal de Québec with Les Capitales, Yunieski Gourriel shot two hits, scored a run, and was applauded by the public.

Translated by Escambray

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  1. This is what I still don’t get…isn’t it allowing Cuban ballplayers to play in foreign leagues an idea by the Cuban baseball top officials to elevate the level of competitive capability of its national athletes? So why is then, Yuniesky Gourriel playing in Canadian city of Quebec? Quebec is a region in Canada where baseball is not popular, in fact , the City of Montreal was once the home of the Major League baseball team Les Expos which moved to Washington DC , in part , because of the lack of popularity that made the city’s council not to approve the construction of a new stadium in the city’s downtown. Come on!!! how could the Les Capitales franchise improve Yuni’s game? I hope he learn some French and walk in the snow…

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