Sancti Spiritus: Work of Sur del Jíbaro Grain Station Highlighted

Andrei Alvarez Frias

The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment (CITMA) highlighted in Sancti Spiritus, the scientific achievements of Sur del Jibaro Territorial Grain Research Station during 2013, when over ten food-related projects were worked out.

According to statements made in Radio Sancti Spiritus by Javier Romero Calero, head of CITMA office in the territory, “the station has a real and effective integration with the productive base, for the introduction of the scientific results and the transference of technology to the agricultural area”.

The design of varietal strategies, the creation and validation of new rice genotypes, the selection of the best productive soja varieties, and the genetical improvement of common bean are some of the actions carried out in the station last year.

The scientific facility supported local enterprises in the recovery of seed production system, and also cared for the implementation of the plans to foster rice production, added Calero.

Sur del Jibaro Territorial Grain Research Station produced and generalized the new IACuba-31 and IACuba-32 rice varieties, and trained local producers on the recovery of culture technological discipline.

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