La Felicidad Canal under Construction in Sancti Spiritus

Juan Antonio Borrego

In order to support the cultivation of soybean in Ciego de Avila southern territory, the construction of the first section of La Felicidad canal was started in Sancti Spiritus.

This duct, which is considered strategic for the development of agricultural programs in central Cuba, will run from La Felicidad dam, in Jatibonico, up to the municipality of Venezuela, in nearby Ciego de Avila.

La Felicidad dam is the second most important reservoir of Jatibonico del Sur River basin. It was completed back in the 1990s, and was used for the irrigation of large sugar cane areas.Over the years, the spillway area got damaged, thus keeping the reservoir under hydrological precaution state for a long time.

According to Manuel Díaz Riverol, investment vice-delegate at the National Institute of Water Resources in Sancti Spiritus, works are already being carried out around the river areas, in order to guarantee the fully exploitation of the reservoir.

The aim of current actions is to achieve safety at the dam, and the recovery of its hydraulic potential as water source for important soja, sugar cane, and rice cultivation programs.

Díaz Riverol also mentioned other building programs scheduled for next year, after which the hydraulic infrastructure of the basin will be totally rehabilitated.


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