Fidel Sends Message following Burial of Outstanding Volleyball Coach

Cuban News Agency

Fidel Castro and Eugenio George.Fidel said that he only learned of the death of outstanding volleyball coach Eugenio George several hours after it happened.

In a message read by the anchor of the prime-time TV newscast, on Monday evening, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, said that he learned of the death on Saturday of outstanding volleyball coach Eugenio George in an article published on Granma newspaper, and that several compatriots wondered about the absence of any floral wreath sent by him to the funerals.

In his message, addressed to the Cuban Sports Institute, the Cuban Revolution leader recalled that Eugenio George was a prestigious and outstanding volleyball expert who took the women’s team to the highest levels in the world. He added that he always admired the coach very much.

However, the fact that there was not a floral wreath on his name accompanying George’s mortal remains to the place where he was buried on Sunday at Havana’s Colon cemetery called the attention of several compatriots and he added “…I only learned of his passing several hours later.”

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