Fidel Castro Comments on Knowledge of Human Existence

Radio Havana Cuba

According to Fidel Castro, there’s so much we still ignore and very little that we know about our own ignorance. File photo. Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro criticizes the stance of NATO new general secretary, and praises the work of Stephen Hawking.

In his most recent Reflection entitled “Uncertain Future,” published in this morning’s edition of Granma newspaper, Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro criticizes the stance assumed by the new general secretary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), praises the work of Stephen Hawking and refers to a Russia Today article on the Big Bang Theory.

Fidel says that during evolution, the Homo Sapiens, as a unique being with a capacity to think among millions of living species, never had any idea of nature and the reason of its existence.

He recalls a Russia Today article by Laura Mersini-Houghton, denying the existence of ‘black holes’ and the Big Bang Theory. He says this may imply a trauma for many people that turned the theory into an act of faith.

Fidel Castro goes on to praise the work of British scientist Stephen Hawking, particularly his books “A Brief History of Time,” which he said he will make an effort to read and understand, although he is fully involved in works related to food production, a priority in terms of quality and quantity, when efforts in that field may still yield important benefits. He also refers to Hawking’s book “The Universe in a Nutshell.”

He says that there’s so much we still ignore and very little that we know about our own ignorance, and that men can always learn something new and how to help others and help ourselves.

In this context, Fidel Castro concludes his article by saying that he was following the statements given on Tuesday by the new NATO general secretary, former Premier of Norway, who in the past six days took over that office. Commenting on the statements, Fidel says he perceived so much hatred in the face of the NATO chief, his insistence in promoting an extermination war against Russia and then he asks the question: “Who are more extremist than the fanatics of the Islamic State? And what religion do they practice?”


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