European Politicians Reject Sanctions on Venezuela


After the European Parliament’s call for sanctions on Venezuela, several parliamentarians have voiced their opposition to the move.

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Four Members of European Parliament (MEPs) from left leaning political parties have released a statement expressing their opposition to the legislative body’s decision to ”condemn” the Venezuelan government for alleged human rights violations during this year’s protests.

In a statement published Thursday, the MEPs stress that ”breaches of human rights cases in the European Parliament must be addressed in order to protect victims, not the persons who have boosted violence. Sadly, some groups of this Parliament are using human rights in order to (help) …a political tendency in Venezuela.” that “has repeatedly tried to gain access to power through illegitimate means.”

The MEPS allege that “the fate of the victims of that violence seems to be forgotten”. They point out that the families of the 43 killed and 878 wounded due to the violent demonstrations between February and June 2014 have called on the prosecution of opposition leaders.

They say that the motion appears to serve “international interests” and instead advocate “defending the victims of violence, respecting international law and recognizing the efforts of the Venezuelan government to preserve democracy and social peace, along with the participation of non pro coup opposition.”

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